The Network


The is a network created for the implementation of a join action titled: “Development of the in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration” (read more about the project).

See the job description:

The is composed by 7 organisations:


Fondazione punto.sud (leading agency) is a nonprofit foundation implementing projects and offering services worldwide in the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and migration.

Co-PLAN from Albania, works  with people and institutions, to foster tangible social transformation and positive change on the ground by inducing change-driving knowledge in the albanian society

Advocacy Training & Resource Center – ATRC  based in Kosovo, trains and assists non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kosovo to professionalize their work, articulate their demands and press government structures for change.

Environment Ambassadors for Sustainable Development – EASD  from Serbia, is a voluntary non-government organisation active in the field of sustainable development, environmental protection and education.

European Environmental Bureau – EEB –  from Belgium is Europe’s largest federation of environmental organisations and has accepted to participate to the project to share its experience

TEMA from Turkey, its mission is to create effective and conscious public opinion on environmental problems, specifically soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, climate change and biodiversity loss.


In January 2014 a new organisation joined the

4x4x4 Balkan Bridges Skopje from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a non-governmental organisation working on economic and social aspects of EU integration and globalization processes that are of essential importance for the Western Balkan countries and the countries of Southeast Europe.


See more information about the network in this leaflet