The has been created to achieve a greater commitment and capacity of a group of CSOs coming from Western Balkans and Turkey to support the civil activism, give citizens a voice and influence the public reform processes in the approximation to the environment acquis in their countries and in the Region. 

The improved dialogue civil society – state institutions is the key expected impact of the action, as a result of the dissemination of more information on the EU environmental acquis and of greater opportunities for information and experience sharing. This will also have an impact on the awareness of the single citizens of the ongoing reforms and on ownership of the dialogue with the state institutions.

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This website aims at giving visibility to the action of the – a network of six no-profit organisations based in the EU, the Western Balkans and Turkey – and at sharing experiences with other organisations and networks working in the environmental field. The main objective is to sensitize citizens and local governments on the benefit of compliance with the Environmental acquis for the health of the society and the environment in general.

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A clean and healthy environment is essential for the well-being and prosperity of society, yet continued growth at a global level will lead to continuing pressures on the environment. A strategic integrated approach, incorporating new ways of working with the market, involving citizens, enterprises and other stakeholders is needed in order to induce necessary changes in both production and public and private consumption patterns that influence negatively the state of, and trends in, the environment. This approach should encourage sustainable use and management of land and sea. (EU Sixth Community Environment Action Programme)

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